UV Sterilization Lamp

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UV Sterilization Lamp

Product features;

– The product adopts double-tube or four-tube, double-ended lamp, and the angle of the lamp arm can be adjusted.
-The product type is hand-push mobile, easy to use and easy to move.
-Use the panel timer to adjust the disinfection time arbitrarily within 10-240 minutes.
-Use the remote control to operate the timer in the range of 30-180 minutes. 6 levels increase or decrease every 30 minutes.
-The protective coating inside the tube can ensure a constant UV output throughout the life of the lamp.
-The remote control can be operated by partition walls, and the effective distance can reach 15 meters.
-Human sensor: It can sense people within 5-8 meters of the sterilizer and stop the sterilization by itself.

Working environment;
·Temperature: 20℃~40℃
·Relative temperature: ≤80%
·Atmospheric pressure range: 860hPa~1060hPa
·Power voltage: 220V±10%
·Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
·Places without corrosive gas, flammable and explosive gas

Price; on request