PSP Scanner



X-ray scanner


View image on 4 inch touch screen
It supports multiple users
Sleep mode to save energy
Standalone mode with built-in memory
An image resolution of up to 17lp / mm provides captivating detail
Images are stored on the built-in memory card of up to 500 images and the user can transfer the images to a PC for diagnosis
Images can be sent to the designated computer in the online list
Simple and useful interface with 4-inch touch screen
Easy to install and use (the network is automatically set up from only one executable program)
High durability of the device

Remark; you can use your existing x-ray machine. With the device you get flexible recording plates of 0 (22 x 31mm), 1 (24 x 40mm), 2 (31 x 41 mm), 3 (27 x 54mm) sizes. You can adjust them to any size of tooth and mouth; children and adults.

After recording, put a tile in the device and you will get the perfect X-ray of your patient on the screen !!!

Price; on request

This post is also available in: Hrvatski

This post is also available in: Hrvatski