Mobile Dental Units



Mobile Dental Units

They are intended for immobile patients, nursing homes, remote places or even veterinary surgeries …

These are the most modern devices with a multitude of functions that meet all your needs during work.

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Model: GPC-220


On the wheels

Instrument trays

The cabinets provide a large open accessory with practical access from the front

The dual wheels in combination with four stationary handles make the positioning of the cabinet easy and easy on all floor surfaces
High quality hardware
Top plastic tray at the top for work


4-hole / 2-hole punch: 2 pcs
Puster 3 -way syringe: 1 pcs
Sisal: 1 pcs
Standalone water supply: 1 set
Foot controller (pedal)
On / off switch for water flow control
Round Pressure Pressure Gauge
Self-lubricated compressor (580W, 110V or 220V compatible, 10L tank capacity)

Ultrasonic probe
Led polymerization lamp
Intraoral camera

Scaler (Teeth stone Cleaner)

(Note: other types of moving units differ in some minor technical details. GPC-200 and GPD-03 do not have a stand-alone compressor – they need an air source)
Model Package Pack Size Weight
Mobile dental units Wooden Case 76/63 / 100cm 65/76 Kg

Price; on request

This post is also available in: Hrvatski

This post is also available in: Hrvatski