LED Turbine With Generator



LED Turbine With Generator

-Trostrated water nozzle

-Standard LED light with generator

-4 or 2 holes SCHF22-SP4 / 2 (smaller head), SCHF22-TP4 (larger head)
-Push button to extract drill bit
– Stainless steel ball bearings
-ISO 7785-1 standard connector
-Universal turbine for every chair

-Samostal lighting without additional upgrades
– Excellent stability and sanding efficiency
-LED light source is top-of-the-range illumination, lasting 10,000 hours!
-External electric generator; with little air can generate enough power
– High autoclaving temperature at 135 ° C
-Type handles: complete lunch with kumplung (meaning, no need for additional investments)
– Unique design, beautiful lines, comfortable to hold, high quality, easy to clean
– The motors are balanced so that the lifespan of the seedlings is prolonged
– Without vibration
LED bulb with generator

4 or 2 holes
Air pressure 0.25 – 0.27MPa
Air consumption 55L / min
Push button power 22N ~ 45N
Rotational speed ≥ 360,000 revolutions per minute
Generator speed 25,000 ~ 30,000 min
Spindle spindle: 0.001mm
Dynamic spindle pulsation ≤ 0.03mm
drills; Φ1.59mm ~ Φ1.6mm × 21mm ~ 23mm
Noise ≤ 68dB

1 turbine
1 key to open
1 cleaning probe

With the turbine, you get top lubrication oil from the Swiss manufacturer MOEBIUS, and as you have the key to open behind each operation, you can independently lubricate the turbine and so it is impossible to extend its life span.

Model Package Pack Size Weight
HP Packing box


Price; 400 euro

This post is also available in: Hrvatski

This post is also available in: Hrvatski