Extraoral Vacuum Suction Device Silence – A100 / Silence – A200



Extraoral vacuum suction device Silence – A100 / Silence – A200

Silence-A100, Silence – A200 belongs to the extraoral vacuum suction series.
It is a device that reduces indoor air pollution by suctioning aerosol particles or water particles during grinding, scaling or grinding in a dental laboratory.

With sterilization function.
It is equipped with a silencer


Dental extraoral vacuum cleaner
Materials: ABS, PP, PETG, aluminum
Power supply: Single-phase alternating current 220V ~ 240V 50 ~ 60Hz
Single phase AC 100V ~ 120V 50 ~ 60Hz
Output power: 1247W, 120V, 1251W, 230V,
Air flow: 3.98 m3 / min 〔HEPA 3., 3.74 m3 / min 〔ULPA〕
Air pressure: 23.7 kpa 〔230V〕, 25.2 kpa 〔120V〕
Filters: 1. filter 〔Medium filter〕
2. filter, ULPA filter, 99.9995%, U15,
3rd filter 〔carbon filter〕, 4th filter block noise〕
Noise level: approximately 45 ~ 65 dB
Arm length (type A): 1,600 mm
Arm weight: 1.3 kg
Weight: 11 kg
Accessories: L cap, U cap, remote control
Motor operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃
Body size: 295mm (width) x 330mm (length) x 635mm (height)
Current (A): 120V 〔10A〕, 230V (5.2A (
Management mode: step 1 ~ 9
Product components (A type): main housing, 3 connectors, power cord, 4 types of filters,
Hood and aluminum hood, 1st spare filter,
Plasma ionizer, UV LED lamp

Accessories: L cap, U cap, remote control

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