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Dental units

We represent renowned FOSHAN GOLDEN PROMISE dentists.

These are the most modern devices with a multitude of functions that meet all your needs during work.

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The ST – 3606 dental unit is a box unit, floor frame, based on a box unit, which all makes the whole chair more stable. It has excellent performance for basic functions, improved memory function for positioning the chair, which offers you more work efficiency and more comfort for the patient.

A 12mm horizontal shift chair offers more comfort to the patient
Shoulder with narrow shoulder area for easy access to the dentist

The slope with the fast motion function allows it to move from 0 degrees to 90 degrees position in 9 seconds
One touch for 3 functions: chair movement, rinsing bowl and lighting
2 programs for simplifying treatment
9 programmable positions to make treatment – are set up smoothly and practically
The last memory location makes it easy to restore the patient to a previous job
Integrated floorboards for chair bases, with no cable on the floor – provide excellent hygiene and cleaning
Low position reaches 380mm.
The instrument panel control panel is multifunctional for all dental units
Silicon mat trays can be extracted for sterilization
Pneumatic brake pads ensure safe operation
The new intake filter is used for easy cleaning

Improved auxiliary carrier along with suction filter and touchpad
Integrated personal trays, shelf for scarves and boxes make patient comfort and enjoyment of work


Voltage: 220V / 230V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Pressure: 550Kpa – 1000Kpa
Water pressure: 0.2MPa – 0.4MPa
Net weight: 225Kg
Gross weight: 295Kg
Dimensions Packing: 1550 × 1070 × 1350mm


Hanging Control Console (Arm)

Tweezers for 2 turbines

Bicycle for micromotor

LED operating light

Immaculate overlays

One syringe (warm)
Surgical sauger

Suction filter

Water heating system
Rotary ceramic sponge
A system for distilled water or medical liquids ie a bottle system for special procedures (surgery, periodontology, implantology …). This means that you can disconnect the water supply, plug in this system and have distilled water or any medical fluid on the ends, resulting in complete sterility of the work
A wiping box, a personal tray and a glass case
Filler cup programmer and bowl bowl

Pedal control
One instrument panel control panel
Manual switch on the source of the operating light

Remark; additional chair configuration such as optical cables, intraoral camera, scaler, surgical sauger, whitening device, etc. as per your wish.

Wide range of colors of natural and artificial leather;

This post is also available in: Hrvatski

This post is also available in: Hrvatski