Dental Diamond Drills



Dental Diamond Drills

Structure and characteristics;

The products are made of custom alloy steel, consisting of a head and a handle.

According to clinical requirements, the head can be designed in various forms and galvanized with diamond particles, which have the characteristics of sharp, good roughness, strong particles of long durability. Physical, chemical and biological properties are in accordance with ISO standards.

General types of drills:

Dental diamond drills are divided into four types: Short cone, cone cone, cylindrical and ball.

Drill models;

For the product model, English letters and numbers are used to describe different head shapes.

Trunks Type: TF / tapering head, RS / tapered head, TR / tapered round head, CR / round head, TC / tapered head type, FO / tapered end, tapered type, EX / double tapered tapered cone, CD / baby type, truncated cone shape. CR / TR are both round

heads, cylindrical, different specifications of the two types: market time and head shape.

Type of cylinders: SF / straight cylindrical, SO / pointed cylindrical, SR / round cylindrical, EX / round cylindrical, WR / straight cylindrical, CD / Child type cylindrical. The SR / EX are both round cylindrical, with different specifications of the two types: market timing and head shape.

Ball Type: BR / Spherical / Ball, BC / Universal Type, EX / Special Spherical / Ball, CD / Baby Spherical Type.

Reverse conical cone: DI / double reversed cone cone, DI / reversed cone cone.


This product is used on high speed turbines, which are used in dental therapy for grinding and cutting teeth. It is mainly used for cavity preparation, prosthetic grinding, surgery, etc.

Price; 2,00 euro