Amalgamator DB-338




Amalgamator DB-338

Amalgam mixing device, glass ionomer, etc.
– Control microprocessor ensures precise, controlled and consistent mixing.
– Wide range of oscillation, mixing frequency and selected time (1-99 sec).
– Torque according to model “8”.
-For mercury-based fillers, glass ionomers etc. provide clinical perfection for efficient use.
-For safe operation the DB338 Amalgamator is deactivated when you open the front cap to access the capsule.
– Ergonomic design is easy to use, stable, extremely quiet and easy to clean and maintain
Technical parameters:
Voltage / frequency 220V 150Hz (110V / 60Hz available)
Power absorbed: 200W
Fuse 2A
Mixing Treatment: 4500tr / mn (rpm)
Noise: 65dB
Programmed Mixing Time: 1-99 sec
Volume (cm) 33x27x20
Weight (kg) 4.5 kg
Packaging – carton box

Price; on ask