LED micromotor with generator and water (saddle + cochlear + clutch)


We represent the renowned manufacturer of the micromotor SOCO. Here are some features of these excellent devices;

-Well news is this gas generator and water engine, and the doctor has light and water on the cranberry and FIRST PUT and on the nursery!
-Taster tip
– The inside of the water jet
-Universal device for each chair

-Samostal lighting without additional upgrades and joints on the elec- tric round of chairs, just switch on and work!
-LED light source, super bright, over 10 000 hours!
-Tistant material from TITAN metal, excellent operational performance, beautiful design, robust machine, feeling in hand is great
– High autoclaving temperature at 135 ° C
– This is an unimaginable improvement in patient’s efficacy and precision (Not only with caries lesions, but also with apicotomy that you can do much more efficiently with the mattress with light and so clean tissue, etc.)
-Titanium has a 30% lower weight compared to stainless steel, and this is a device with high durability and higher corrosion resistance
-360 degrees of freedom of rotation interface, avoiding swing, tensile tension and giving unobtrusive light function
Direction of rotation: 1: 1
– For dentists and technicians
Air pressure: 0.3 MPa
Rotation speed: 20,000 rpm
Push button
Hinges: Φ2.35mm
Noise: ≤ 70dB
Spray / oil: In the inner canal

1 coin
1 saddle
1 micromotor with 4 holes
1 key
1 vial for lubricating oil

With the micromotor, you get the premium lubricating oil from the Swiss manufacturer MOEBIUS, and having the key to open behind every action you can independently lubricate the micromotor and so it is impossible to extend its life span.

Model Package Pack Size Weight
HP Packink box

price on request

This post is also available in: Hrvatski

This post is also available in: Hrvatski