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DENFORCE perfect system

We represent the renowned DENFORCE Perfect System manufacturer of dental chairs.

These are the most modern devices with a multitude of functions that meet all your needs during work.

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ADMIRAL is a new standard of quality in dental units. Combining innovative solutions with elegance and sophistication, the Admiral is the ideal tool for modern dentistry.
Admiral presents creativity and harmony in dental surgery.

The Admiral is a multifunctional unit. It provides basic dental procedures, jaw surgery, machine endodontics and implantology.

Embedded endodontic and implant systems make it possible to perform many operations efficiently. In addition to the use of many practical functions it is intended for complicated operations.
Mastering the basic skills in working with the device is very easy.

Seat and backrest
The Admiral can be equipped with different types of seats and backs: narrow, medium and wide.

It is available in 24 different colors.

Upper and lower consoles
Admiral can be fitted with a doctor’s bracket with upper or lower handles.

Dental light
The unit has a halogen lamp with an intensity up to 27,000 Lux.

The large ceramic bowl – Cuspidor – is designed to rotate, can be pulled out immediately below the patient’s chin or bent back, in the opposite direction, for better access by the assistant. The detachable bowl is adapted for sterilization. The cuspidor is equipped with two large containers.

The Admiral Dental Unit is an environmentally friendly product. Its construction is made of a composite. The applied paraffin technology closes all the micropores. Composites were used in the production of armchairs and antibacterial coatings.

Units can be equipped with a separator separating solid particles and water compounds. Metasyscompany separators are the most effective in the world. Their filtration at the level of 99.7% of all solid particles.

Universal, mobile night control for armrest function and device function.

Endodontic therapy

The Admiral Unit is an Endo System (EPS) that allows machine endodontics. An endometrium is integrated into it. This enables visualization of the on-screen measurement, which is used to track all the remaining functions of the device as well as the operation of the micro-motors.

Dental implantotherapy
The Admiral can also be equipped with an implant micro-motor, a salon container with saline and a peristaltic pump for saline administration. Micro-motor and pump operation is controlled by the Denforce-apds electronic module, which monitors other functions of the device. The operating parameters are displayed on the device display panel.

This post is also available in: Hrvatski

This post is also available in: Hrvatski