About Us

Solutio Bonus d.o.o. from Split, Croatia, among others, deals with the sale and distribution of medical, dental and dental equipment. It is primarily oriented to provide our customers with the best and best-priced equipment available on the world market. We are constantly researching and contacting reputable producers and looking for the best options for you. Be sure we can and do it.

Technologically and technically today, the production of equipment is in great expansion and innovations are daily. Therefore, our engagement is the foundation for your desires, your success and your satisfaction.

In this regard, the equipment we offer is of the highest quality, the lowest possible prices and what is important with a very simple and sophisticated design that is not necessary to be repaired. This means that all electrical, rubber, plastic, and most sensitive parts of equipment that may possibly be damaged can easily be replaced by the appropriate parts you get with your order.

Furthermore, our co-operation does not end with the purchase but you remain in constant contact with us and we can service you in the shortest possible time or in a few days supply a spare part that can be easily replaced.

The equipment we are offering rarely requires some great service, but you can easily maintain or replace it with our instructions, or replace it with the spare part that we are required to provide you with the contract.

Of course, for installation of any of the devices, support in the work, service and any unclear details are at your disposal.

How the name just says Solutio Bonus – good solution!

We look forward to cooperating with you!

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